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Custom Golf Club Fitting at PGH

The Ultimate Custom Fitting Experience

If you are in the market to purchase some new golf clubs then the message is must get custom fitted.

Everyone is different, physically with varying swing paths and strike patterns, so how can one set fit all?

The answer is simple, it can't!

Here at Penrith Golf Hub we have an experienced team of custom fitters, each possessing over 15 years in the trade. Our team have invested heavily to implement TrackMan4 to bring you detailed customer fit data. Furthermore, we have implemented SAM Puttlab in our putting studio to bring you the most advanced fitting software in the market, The combination of our world-leading software, a vast array of heads & shafts, our experience custom fitting team will confidently provide the ultimate fitting service.

Drivers, Fairways, Irons & Wedges 

Our state-of-the-art, custom built golf club fitting studio will give you an executive feel from the moment you walk in.


With a complementary Nespresso Coffee in hand to get you started, our team of PGA Professionals will provide you with a custom fitting experience that is second to none. 

With eight of the World's leading brands to try, we guarantee to find the perfect, custom golf set for you using the latest TRACKMAN4 Software. 


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Custom golf club fitting at Penrith Golf Hub in Penrith, Cumbria

Putter Fitting Studio

With the average golfer using 38% of shots on putts alone, you can’t afford to ignore the importance of a proper independent putter fitting.

Powered by the SAM Puttlab and GASP coaching system, our PGA Professionals use this software to analyse the various paramounts of your stroke to 0.1 degrees of accuracy in order to custom fit the perfect putter for you out of over 100 putters on offer.

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SAM Puttlab

Putter fitting in our state of the art SAM Puttlab at Penrith Golf Hub, Penrith, Cumbria
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