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Events at PGH

Come and enjoy our facilities

Whether you’ve just received your diploma or you’re an experienced teacher, our training programs offer a professional, tailor-made platform for you to grow and improve your abilities. Join one of our training programs to meet new colleagues, learn new skills and have some fun! Reach out to our office today to sign up or learn more.



It is hard to imagine a more attractive setting to practice your golf in than here with the spectacular Pennine views and manicured driving range to hit across.


On the Penrith Driving Range you can enjoy hitting full compression golf balls off high quality simulated “ turf” mats to make all year round practice as realistic as possible.



If you think golf but play football this is the basic premise of how the game works. It is suitable for groups of 2,3,4 or 5 to play together, great for families as we have smaller and lighter footballs for the kids.

When playing a hole, think of it as 2 or 3 good corner kicks and a tap in from the 6 yard box!!

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